Regency History

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An elegant Regency period mahogany Sewing Box on swept reeded and hipped supports, the two edges with continuous rope carving.

c. 1815 to c. 1820

Height 27.75inch (70.48cm)

Width 18.50inch (46.99cm)

Depth 12.50inch (31.75cm)

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Man’s suit

Medium: Dark green and beige striped velvet and silk embroidery
Date: c. 1785
Country: France

Elements of tailoring emerged during the late Middle Ages, but not until the 17th century did the fitted jacket, waistcoat and breeches become codified as the man’s suit. During the baroque and rococo eras, these suits were most often made of embroidered silk and were lavishly accessorized with lace cuffs and cravats. The decorated man was a symbol of masculinity and power

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A court gown worn by Caroline of Brunswick, Princess of Wales. She wore it in July of 1807, to the celebrations for the birthday of George III. A description of the gown is below:

This dress, for taste and magnificence, stood unrivalled amidst the splendour and elegance displayed on the Birth-Day of our justly revered Sovereign; and we consider ourselves fortunate in having it in our power to procure a representation of it for our fair correspondents.
The body and ground of the drapery was formed of a rich silver and lilac tissue; with a most superb border, composed of emeralds, topazes, and amethysts, to represent the vine-leaf and grapes. The train and petticoat of silver tissue; bordered all round like the drapery ; and each terminated with a most brilliant silver fringe of a strikingly novel formation. Rich silver laurel and arrow on the left side, to loop up the train. Head-dress of diamonds and amethysts, tastefully disposed; with high plume of ostrich feathers. Neck-dress, the winged ruff, a la Mary Queen of Scots; sleeve ornaments to correspond. Ameythyst necklace and earrings, with Maltese cross; diamond armlets and bracelets. White satin shoes, with rich silver rosettes. French kid gloves, above the elbow. Fan of Imperial crape,studded with amethysts and topazes.


Incroyables et Merveilleuses de 1814

Ball Dress from Ackermann’s Repository of Arts February 1809
The Duke of Kent and Shaughan Seymour as Lord Hollingford in Wives and Daughters (1999).
The Duke of York and Ian McDiarmid who starred as Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars.
Spencer Perceval and Bosco Hogan as Edward Ferrars from BBC Sense and Sensibility  (1981).
Jane, Duchess of Gordon, and Elizabeth Garvie as Eliza Bennet in the 1980 BBC Pride and Prejudice.
The Duke of Wellington and Ciaran Hinds as Captain Wentworth in the BBC’s Persuasion (1995).